RouteReg, mileage registration  


The best help for a ride registration 

RouteReg is the app for the registration of car rides for ride registration and kilometer declarations. With RouteReg it's easy and fun to register your rides. By using GPS Hotspots you are notified when you have arrived at a particular location, with this reminder you will never forget to register your rides. Because RouteReg calculates the expected end kilometers of the ride from previously created routes, registering a ride super easy. Combining Hotspots and automatically calculation of the expected end kilometers it's possible to register a ride with one click, just click on 'Save'!

RouteReg Car Detection

RouteReg can use a Bluetooth Smart tag to identify your car. By placing a Bluetooth Smart tag in your car, RouteReg can detect when you are in your car and when you leave your car. When you leave your car RouteReg will notify you, so the mileage can be easily registered!




WorkReg, work hour registration  


For registering all your work hours

WorkReg allows you to easily register all your work hours. Besides the registering of hours you can also register activities and used materials. The hours can also be linked to customers and/or projects. WorkReg will always give you insight in total hours, total wage and total material costs.