WorkReg, work hour registration  


WorkReg Dashboard

With the dashboard of WorkReg you can quickly perform the main tasks. Via the ‘Add work’ option, you can quickly register new work. With the 'Report work’ option allows you to upload the work by e-mail, print, or upload to your Dropbox.

The overview 'Totals this month' gives a quick overview of the hours, total rate and total materials registered in the current month.





WorkReg uses a 'Slide menu', this menu allows you to quickly navigate trough the app. The slide menu can be opened using the "stripped" button in the top left corner, or by a "swipe" from left to right on the navigation bar. The "swipe" works from all screen in WorkReg and quickly brings you back to the menu.




Via the tab ‘Manage’ you can register several base data in WorkReg. This includes 'Projects', ‘Customers’, 'Activities ' and 'Materials'.

By using projects in your registration you can group work by project. You can also register a default project associated with each new registration.

Customers can be used to link a certain customer per work registration. You can also register a special hourly wage per customer, so that it is used in the work registration.

Activities can be used in a work registration to register activities that have been carried out. You can also record standard activities so that they are automatically added to each new work registration.

Materials can also be used in a work registration. For each material you can register what the price is for the material.



Via the tab ‘Work’, you can manage the registered work in WorkReg. With the 'Add' button you can add new work.

When creating a work registration, you can register various data. You can specify a description, link a project, link a customer, specify the start and end date & time and record the duration of any break. This is the basic work registration. In addition you can register activities and materials. All these options are optional so nothing is required, in order to make the registration of WorkReg so complete and simple as possible.




Via the ‘Settings’ tab, you can adjust the settings of WorkReg. With the ‘Hourly wage’ option you can register the standard hourly wage per registration. Per customer you could register a specific hourly wage. With the 'Time interval' option you can set what interval you want to use when registering work.

The 'Use Cloud Sync’ option ensures that all WorkReg data is stored in the Cloud. By using Cloud Sync you always have a back up of your data in the Cloud. To use Cloud Sync, you must create a cloud sync account, with this cloud sync account you can also use the WorkReg data on other devices with WorkReg.

WorkReg uses the Cloud Sync platform Simperium. WorkReg uses Simperium because it is fast, reliable and more flexible relative to other Cloud Sync options. Cloud Sync is free and you can use it on as many devices running WorkReg as you like.

If you do not want to use Cloud Sync that’s no problem, you can also use WorkReg fine with local storage. Note that without Cloud Sync you have no backup in the Cloud and the data cannot be used across multiple devices.

Custom report headers/footers


In WorkReg you can customize the report to show your own information or logo’s. Both the report header and the footer can be customized to meet your requirements. You may use standard HTML codes to change the formatting of the text. Here are some examples that you can use in your report


Centered logo and address left:


<center><img src="" height="50px">< /center>


<b>Your company name</b>

address 123

1234 AX  Location

Tel : 06-12345678




<center>text</center> centers the text/image in the report


<img src="" height="50px" width="50px"> shows an image in the report, for displaying an image the image must be available on the internet . The 'height' property determines the height of the image and ' width' the width of the image, if you do not specify these properties the size of the image will not be changed.


<b>text bold</b> makes the text bold


Address left and right logo :


<table width="100%">



<b>Your company name</b>

Address 123

1234 AX  Location

Tel : 06-12345678


<td align="right">

<img src="" height="50px">





Explanation :


<table></table> Creates a table


<tr></tr> Is a row in a table


<td>text</td> Is a column in the row



For more information on standard HTML elements you can visit