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Cloud Sync Account

Did you lose your Cloud Sync Account Password? Use the following link to reset your password, change your password or change your username:

Use the following link for your RouteReg Cloud Sync Account: RouteReg - User Manager

Use the following link for your WorkReg Cloud Sync Account: WorkReg - User Manager 




Link Bluetooth Smart tag to RouteReg

To link a Bluetooth Smart tag, you can use these steps:

  1. Make sure the tag is not linked/connected to other apps and Bluetooth is enabled on the iPhone
  2. Start RouteReg and go to the menu "Cars"
  3. Select the car that you want to use
  4. Select the option "Link Bluetooth Smart tag"
  5. Start the pairing modus on the tag (if available)
  6. RouteReg will now detect the tag and asks you to link to the car

As soon as the tag is linked to a car, you can start RouteReg Car Detection on the RouteReg Dashboard!