RouteReg, mileage registration  


The best help for a ride registration 

RouteReg is the app for the registration of car rides for ride registration and kilometer declarations. With RouteReg it's easy and fun to register your rides. By using GPS Hotspots you are notified when you have arrived at a particular location, with this reminder you will never forget to register your rides. Because RouteReg calculates the expected end kilometers of the ride from previously created routes, registering a ride super easy. Combining Hotspots and automatically calculation of the expected end kilometers it's possible to register a ride with one click, just click on 'Save'! 

Cloud sync & backup 

With RouteReg it is also possible to manage the ride registration on multiple iOS devices. The Cloud Sync functionality syncs all data super fast to the cloud. This creates a backup of the ride registration in the Cloud and on all your iOS devices running RouteReg. On the road, register the rides on your iPhone and when you are at home, you can monitor and manage the routes on your iPad. 

Reporting & Export 

From RouteReg you can easily generate a report containing all important information about your ride registration. This report allows you to filter by date and search criteria. The report shows the rides by car and even gives an indication when begin and end kilometers don't match. You can choose from various export possibilities; Send by e-mail, export to Dropbox or print to an AirPrint-enabled printer. In both email and Dropbox exports an csv and an html file are included that you can use in Excel. Also all export files are stored on the iOS device itself, these files can easily be transfer from iTunes to your computer.

RouteReg Car Detection

RouteReg can use a Bluetooth Smart tag to identify your car. By placing a Bluetooth Smart tag in your car, RouteReg can detect when you are in your car and when you leave your car. When you leave your car RouteReg will notify you, so the mileage can be easily registered!


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